Police Unity Tour & Service for Slain UK Police Officers at the National Memorial Arboretum

Despite being ex-RAF Police, with oodles of mates who went on to join the civilian police, I'd never heard of UK COPS. UK COPS cares for the families of police officers who have died. We recently did a fund raiser for Scotty's Little Soldiers, the intent is much the same as that organisation. When I … Continue reading Police Unity Tour & Service for Slain UK Police Officers at the National Memorial Arboretum

Review: Lowepro Photosport 300 II Backpack

I picked up the Lowepro PhotoSport 300 II recently for a trek up Scafell Pike. I have Lowepro's Flipside 15 AW and sometimes use the spaces not filled by camera equipment for hiking gear, trail snacks etc. The Photosport, however, has slightly more capacity, with dedicate camera and gear sections. Firstly the gear section. It's … Continue reading Review: Lowepro Photosport 300 II Backpack

Scattered Black and Whites, Elbow in Concert

In the usual sniffy comment about these things, I liked Elbow before One Day Like This hit the mainstream charts and was used as a backing track for anything that required an uplifting melody. Back in 2011 I was fortunate enough to photograph Elbow at the NIA in Birmingham, their shows are more reserved affairs, … Continue reading Scattered Black and Whites, Elbow in Concert

Moving from Adobe Photographers Package

A few years ago, Adobe took the decision to drop the sale of stand alone products, well drop isn't quite right, they're still there - you just have to look for them buried deep within their product catalogue. The move was controversial amongst the photography community. By ending support and updates for standalone, you were … Continue reading Moving from Adobe Photographers Package

England v Ireland, Women’s 6 Nations 2018, Ricoh Stadium, Coventry

England Women played Ireland Women in the last match of the 6 Nations competition at the Ricoh Stadium on 16th March 2018. England could secure a 6 Nations title with a win against Ireland, if France lost to Wales, unfortunately for the Red Roses this didn't happen, England convincingly beat Ireland but France thumped Wales … Continue reading England v Ireland, Women’s 6 Nations 2018, Ricoh Stadium, Coventry

Scafell Pike Hike

Last weekend a group of work colleagues and I took a trip to Scafell Pike, the highest mountain in the Lake District. I've previously climbed Scafell, some 20 years ago, but either by the Wasdale Head or Boot route, this route was via the Corridor route. We gathered at Seathwaite Farm and proceeded through the … Continue reading Scafell Pike Hike

Loved Shot: Cypriot Banana Grower

Cyprus is one of our favourite destinations. The beautiful island is as diverse as it is populated by the British. We tend to frequent the Paphos end of the island, rather than the popular destinations of Aya Napa & Limassol, there's the busy touristy area of Coral Bay but it's contrasted by the subdued restaurant … Continue reading Loved Shot: Cypriot Banana Grower

An Overnight at Llyn y Cwm & Glyder Fach

After the last trip hereĀ Dean and I had been monitoring the weather to check for the possibility of high-pressure weather fronts moving in and creating the right conditions for cloud free summits! The 29th March looked ideal, even though the weather reports were erring on the pessimistic side. We arrived at Ogwen Lodge around 2.30pm … Continue reading An Overnight at Llyn y Cwm & Glyder Fach

The Quest for Lightness

This is going to be an ongoing post with regular updates. Total Weight Saved: 4.53kgs (so far) Lightness, when backpacking, is something most seasoned hikers & campers strive for. I hadn't given it much though when I first went camping, my pack weighed just shy of 22 kilos, that's some hefty pack and that doesn't … Continue reading The Quest for Lightness

Book Review: Photographing North Wales

I thought I would follow-up my postĀ about a trip to North Wales with a review of the book we used as inspiration. Photographing North Wales is a photo-location guidebook published by Fotovue and written by Simon Kitchin, a superb landscape photographer based in North Wales, so he really knows the area well and it shows. … Continue reading Book Review: Photographing North Wales