My Best Photo

How do you select your best photo? Did you set out on that day and said to yourself "I'm going to take my best photo today?" It's unlikely. My best photo was captured on a day I simply chose to wander, I was on holiday in Hawaii back in 2011, we'd spent time at the … Continue reading My Best Photo

Review of the Kona Dew Plus Bike

It's hard to write an objective review of a bike when you've come from a 15 year old GT Aggressor mountain bike, but I'll do my best to illustrate what I was looking for and why I went for the Kona. There wasn't anything particularly bad about the GT, a little old, clunky, heavy - … Continue reading Review of the Kona Dew Plus Bike

Trip to the Glyders

Being diligent is one thing, but as they say - you can't account for mountain weather. Let me set the background, Dean and I had set off from Lichfield mid-afternoon on Friday (15th Feb) with intention of camping in Snowdon, sadly my crap car delayed us by an hour and thirty minutes, therefore we reached … Continue reading Trip to the Glyders