Loved Shot: Cypriot Banana Grower

Cyprus is one of our favourite destinations. The beautiful island is as diverse as it is populated by the British.

We tend to frequent the Paphos end of the island, rather than the popular destinations of Aya Napa & Limassol, there’s the busy touristy area of Coral Bay but it’s contrasted by the subdued restaurant laden areas of Peyia and Latsi.

The valley between the sea and the hills that will eventually lead to the Troodos mountains, are home to fields and fields of banana plantations.

These rustic leaf tree lines have to be irrigated, I can’t imagine the rainfall in Cyprus is actually adequate to support banana growth. These ladies had turned up to service their plantation near to the wreck of the Edro III, if you know the area.

Sadly, being a peasant British person who speaks only English, my lamentable attempts to communicate were mainly by showing my camera and pointing, rather than any skill in Greek.

After a few attempts I ended up with this shot, which I’m pretty pleased with.

Cyprus 2018-4682

It would be easy to default to black and white for this type of photograph, but you’d lose the gorgeous colours of the rusting tractor and the deep greens of the banana leafs.

What I did manage to glean from these ladies is that they are mother and daughter, I wanted them to stand together, sadly it was a step too far to get that across!

This is the mother. I love the way the sunlight catches her face as her black dress blends with the shadows of the banana trees, this is her way to provide for the family, a tradition, passed down and it was a pleasure to watch them work.

The bananas grown here will eventually make their way to the docks and onward to countries like Britain, you don’t need to speak Greek to know this, they put signs up saying who the family growers are and where they send their produce, helpfully in English as well as Greek.

Thanks for reading.

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