England v Ireland, Women’s 6 Nations 2018, Ricoh Stadium, Coventry

England v Ireland Celebrations-3090
Some were less happy to be supporting the Red Roses!

England Women played Ireland Women in the last match of the 6 Nations competition at the Ricoh Stadium on 16th March 2018.

England v Ireland Celebrations-3112
England’s Sarah Hunter

England could secure a 6 Nations title with a win against Ireland, if France lost to Wales, unfortunately for the Red Roses this didn’t happen, England convincingly beat Ireland but France thumped Wales 38 – 3.

England v Ireland Celebrations-3137
Ireland & England line-up for the national anthems, prior to their 6 Nations match at the Ricoh Stadium, Coventry.

Tries for England came from Danielle Waterman, Marlie Packer, Amy Cokayne, Ellie Kildunne and Amber Reed.

England v Ireland-1875
Amber Reed breaks for the line
England v Ireland-1890
Amber Reed scores for England
England v Ireland-1486
Ellie Kildunne tries to break Ireland’s defence
England v Ireland-1236
Sarah Bern breaks through
England v Ireland-1097
England’s Danielle Waterman
England v Ireland-1007 copy
Ireland’s Sene Naoupu
England v Ireland-0996
England’s Rachel Burford is upended
England v Ireland-0907
Ireland’s Louise Galvin chases back
England v Ireland-0873 copy
England’s Katy McLean

The only Ireland try came from Claire Molloy.


Aside from a truly cracking game of rugby, the stand-out event of the match was the sheer emotion of the game. The teams both looked tired and it had clearly been an exhausting 6 Nations campaign.

The Ireland fans packed out the East Stand to support their team and when the game finished, many of the Ireland players came to join relatives and fans, clambering over the advertising hoardings.

England v Ireland Celebrations-3475
England’s Shauna Brown signs autographs for fans
England v Ireland Celebrations-3420
Ireland’s Ailsa Hughes & Laura Feely
England v Ireland Celebrations-3361
Ireland’s Claire Molloy
England v Ireland Celebrations-3356
England’s Catherine O’Donnell
England v Ireland Celebrations-3339
Ireland’s Laura Feely
England v Ireland Celebrations-3336
The teams were both well supported with a record crowd at the Ricoh Stadium
England v Ireland Celebrations-3270
Ireland’s Niamh Briggs
England v Ireland Celebrations-3240
Ireland’s Niamh Briggs
England v Ireland Celebrations-3182
England’s Katy McLean

It was very emotional and lovely to watch.


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