La Sportiva Boots

La Sportiva Trango Tower Elite GTX Mountain Boots

A serious boot for serious climbing, yeah not really sure what I was thinking when I picked up these, and the price wasn't particularly special either. If you're strolling the streets of Val d’Isère, accept nothing less Let's talk about the good. Built to last, without a doubt, from the grippy base, up to the … Continue reading La Sportiva Trango Tower Elite GTX Mountain Boots

Scafell Pike Hike

Last weekend a group of work colleagues and I took a trip to Scafell Pike, the highest mountain in the Lake District. I've previously climbed Scafell, some 20 years ago, but either by the Wasdale Head or Boot route, this route was via the Corridor route. We gathered at Seathwaite Farm and proceeded through the … Continue reading Scafell Pike Hike

An Overnight at Llyn y Cwm & Glyder Fach

After the last trip here Dean and I had been monitoring the weather to check for the possibility of high-pressure weather fronts moving in and creating the right conditions for cloud free summits! The 29th March looked ideal, even though the weather reports were erring on the pessimistic side. We arrived at Ogwen Lodge around 2.30pm … Continue reading An Overnight at Llyn y Cwm & Glyder Fach

The Quest for Lightness

This is going to be an ongoing post with regular updates. Total Weight Saved: 4.53kgs (so far) Lightness, when backpacking, is something most seasoned hikers & campers strive for. I hadn't given it much though when I first went camping, my pack weighed just shy of 22 kilos, that's some hefty pack and that doesn't … Continue reading The Quest for Lightness