La Sportiva Boots

La Sportiva Trango Tower Elite GTX Mountain Boots

A serious boot for serious climbing, yeah not really sure what I was thinking when I picked up these, and the price wasn't particularly special either. If you're strolling the streets of Val d’Isère, accept nothing less Let's talk about the good. Built to last, without a doubt, from the grippy base, up to the … Continue reading La Sportiva Trango Tower Elite GTX Mountain Boots

Review: Lowepro Photosport 300 II Backpack

I picked up the Lowepro PhotoSport 300 II recently for a trek up Scafell Pike. I have Lowepro's Flipside 15 AW and sometimes use the spaces not filled by camera equipment for hiking gear, trail snacks etc. The Photosport, however, has slightly more capacity, with dedicate camera and gear sections. Firstly the gear section. It's … Continue reading Review: Lowepro Photosport 300 II Backpack

Moving from Adobe Photographers Package

A few years ago, Adobe took the decision to drop the sale of stand alone products, well drop isn't quite right, they're still there - you just have to look for them buried deep within their product catalogue. The move was controversial amongst the photography community. By ending support and updates for standalone, you were … Continue reading Moving from Adobe Photographers Package

Book Review: Photographing North Wales

I thought I would follow-up my post about a trip to North Wales with a review of the book we used as inspiration. Photographing North Wales is a photo-location guidebook published by Fotovue and written by Simon Kitchin, a superb landscape photographer based in North Wales, so he really knows the area well and it shows. … Continue reading Book Review: Photographing North Wales